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Jump GIGA or Shonen Jump GIGA, formerly Shonen Jump NEXT!! is a monthly sister magazine to Weekly Shonen Jump. The magazine publishes spin offs from Weekly Shonen Jump and other manga. It launched in July 2016.[1]

Jump GIGA will relaunch in Spring 2017 with an entirely new lineup.


Series Title Author Premiered End
Blue Archipelago (青の列島?) Tsukuda Yuuto, Hirakei 2016 July 2016 October
BUD: Border Undetermined Domain Three Kingdoms Investigation Records (BUD "国境未確定領域三国捜査録"?) Wakao Kazuhiro, Pon 2016 July 2016 October
Illusionary Commentary on the Kojiki (-幻想古記事伝-?) Kyou, Kazuro 2016 July 2016 July
Ginata Style (ぎなた式?) Miki, Yuu 2016 July 2016 October
Sahara the Flower Samurai (花侍のサハラ?) Shibata, Yuusaku 2016 July 2016 October
Tokyo Seasonal Word Hunting (東京季語譚訪?) Shiibashi, Hiroshi 2016 July 2016 October
Vigilante: Boku no Hero Academia Illegals (ヴィジランテ -僕のヒーローアカデミア ILLEGALS-?) Betten Court, Furuhashi Hideyuki 2016 August 2016 October (Continues in Jump+ App)[2]


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