[[Genson! Kodai Seibutsu-shi Pakky|250px]]
Genson! Kodai Seibutsu-shi Pakky
• General information•
Mangaka Retsu
No. of Chapters 23
No. of Volumes 2
Genre Comedy, School Life

Genson! Kodai Seibutsu-shi Pakky (現存! 古代生物史 パッキー) is a manga series written and illustrated by Retsu.


One day, elementary student Takeru meets a very strange new friend-- a Pachycephalosaurus named Packy! He's traveled from "The Lost World," a place where extinct animals live together. Packy loves head-butting things, and he's traveling to discover the perfect head-butt target. Now Packy may end up living with Takeru, his older sister, and his parents in their modern-style home. However, Packy is not the only creature to come out of the Lost World, and other creatures may have much less friendly intentions toward the modern world and humanity!

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